Where Is Brazil’s Future Headed? Felipe Montoro Jens Gives Insight

2017 proved Brazil’s most tragic year yet. From the country’s waning economy to their depleting financial resources, the nation is in severe turmoil. The National Confederation of Industry released a study pinpointing the country’s vulnerabilities, with poor infrastructure ranking among the highest. What’s more, the report unveiled that a total of 517 infrastructure projects were terminated just last year. This alarmingly high figure has propelled Brazil into a state of economic despair, and their hopes are rapidly dwindling. In fact, Brazil’s negligence is so apparent that experts like Felipe Montoro Jens are stepping in to rectify the situation.

As a trusted project analyst, Jens has a keen understanding of the inner workings of his craft. As such, it was easy for him to discern which areas need the most improvement. From poor micro planning techniques and unskilled laborers to technical issues and measly financial means, many facets of Brazil’s infrastructure system are failing. Though Brazil’s recent economic crisis no doubt did a number on them, their inability to take action is the primary culprit for their current critical state. The nation’s incompetence has risen to such a shocking degree that even seemingly simple projects like sports facilities are being ceased. Find out more at consultasocio.com to learn more.

With his optimism and wisdom in tow, Jens set out to propose solutions to Brazil’s problems. Given how easy it was to detect the issues, Jens found it equally as simple to devise resolutions. If Brazil refines their micro planning methods, updates their technology, trains their workers, and improves business relations, Jens maintains that a revival in their economy is imminent. Unfortunately, Brazil is remaining inexplicably loyal to their haphazard procedures. Jens forecasts a grim future if Brazil’s carelessness endures. Economist Jose Augusto Fernandes concurs, stating that “the country is unable to learn” and will inevitably crash and burn if they don’t implement change.

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