Which Texas Bankers Association Members Are Gaining Prominence?

The Texas Bankers Association’s Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference brings together the leaders of the industry. Simply being on the Texas Bankers Association Board shows that one is well-respected. Which Texas Bankers Association members are gaining prominence?

NexBank Ranked Top Ten in Two Categories

During the Texas Bankers Association’s Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference, NexBank CEO John Holt spoke for the committee, called “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.” NexBank is well-positioned for while it is gaining prominence, it is still considered a small community bank with assets of about $5 billion.

In April 4, 2017, NexBank was identified as one of the “best-performing” community banks in the nation by the S&P Global Market Intelligence ranking – it was #5 for pretax return on equity and #10 for overall score for community banks with between $1 billion and $10 billion in assets. This is quite impressive, making CEO John Holt a rising star in community banking.

Texas Bankers Association Board Position Renewed

The awards and prestige continue to flow with the April 2017 re-election of NexBank President John Holt to the influential Texas Bankers Association Board. Founded in 1934, NexBank continues to expand their financial services, adding student loans recently. Mortgages, business loans and institutional services are also offered.

The June 2016 net income for NexBank was more than $30 million. Customers can choose from three branches. The bank has earned an “A” Health Rating from Deposit Accounts. NexBank continues to grow and rise in the ranks of the American banking industry.


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