William Saitoti – Importance of Internet Security

Many of the organizations and companies rely on some off-the-shelfIT security packages while others rely on some hired computer savvy consultant to ensure that their online security is well managed and maintained. This way, we are prone to more severe hacks. Losing information n is not the only risk, but there are other greater risks such as loss of productivity, loss of incredible reputation, loss of employees’ dedication towards their job as well as a lawsuit from business partners and shareholders. The incredibly growing corporate will soon be a significant threat towards the business environment shortly.

To ensure that we are safe, we are required to re-check and re-examine internet security immediately. This will help to protect things from getting into a critical situation. To be precise, it’s essential for us to conduct detailed and comprehensive multistakeholder discussion. A discussion that can manage to coordinate both the private and public sectors in an unexceptional manner. This will call for some cooperation of some companies that have never been in involved with global issues. The best platform to carry this issue out is through the World Economic Forum.

The risks are massive and severe if we do not tackle this problem in time. William Saitoti has been in this battle. He has been in the frontline in ensuring that internet security is improved and that many people are informed about its importance. William Saitoti is a prominent American Japanese Entrepreneur. He has been operating his entrepreneurship in Cybersecurity. William Saitoti used to serve in government but later resigned in Dec 2017. He was born in Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America. His father and mother used to stay in Japan, but they immigrated to the United States two years after his birth.

Willian Saitoti as an internet security expert noted that regular cyber drills are as crucial as fore and safety drills. They should be regularly conducted by the companies to ensure safety. Cybersecurity is only detected after it fails. Cybersecurity offers essential layers of infrastructure in the latest cyber-dependent community. This is the main reason why organizations need to rehearse for any potential failure. The executives tend to relegate cybersecurity to the IT department.

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